Miniature Story v0.0.7t

Miniature Story

User Guide

Enter the Game : Click Game Area

Full Screen : Click Blue Arrow at right and bottom side on the Game Area

Exit the Game : Keyboard “Esc”

Move Forward : Keyboard “W”

Move Backward : Keyboard “S”

Move Right : Keyboard “D”

Move Left : Keyboard “A”

Move Up : Keyboard “Space”

Move Down : Keyboard “Shift”

View Rotation : Right Drag

Zoom : Mouse Wheel

Inventory : Keyboard “Tab”

“This game does not work on mobile devices…”

Update Log

2022/04/02 v0.0.7t Add Talk System

2022/03/20 v0.0.6t Update Human AI, Update Building System

2022/02/12 v0.0.5t Can Sleep On the Bed, Add Needs

2022/02/06 v0.0.4t Can Sit On the Chair, Add Stamina

2022/01/30 v0.0.3t Can Greeting

2022/01/24 v0.0.2t Update Human AI

2022/01/23 v0.0.1t Add Human

2022/01/23 v0.0.0t Release